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Dr. Victoria Chan, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with expertise in anxiety, depression and panic attacks, helps patients and clients across the United States through secure telehealth. Her goal is to help those suffering from anxiety find the root cause of their issues, and as a result, she will utilize lab work, discussions regarding hereditary conditions, and lifestyle elements to create a personalized and effective treatment plan. She is also licensed to prescribe pharmaceuticals if need be, and she often works hand-in-hand with a patient’s prescriber, primary care physician, or psychiatrist.

Dr. Chan is a board member of The Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the founder of the Banish Anxiety Method®. For your complimentary Discovery Call, please get in touch. You can start on the path to healing today.

About Online Anxiety Doctor Victoria Chan

Dr. Chan found her calling in naturopathic anxiety medicine through her own battles with mental health. She worked with numerous medical doctors, all of whom pursued conventional methods, prescribed medications, and more. Nothing seemed to make a difference.

After failing to find relief from the traditional medical community, she turned to a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. This doctor sought out the underlying issues causing Dr. Chan’s symptoms and created a strategy that would improve her mental state.

The Benefits of Online Anxiety and Panic Attack Consultations

If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, daily tasks like going to the grocery store, getting gas, or running other errands could be debilitating. Calling your primary care physician and going into the office is probably even more stressful.

Dr. Chan’s online consultations allow anxiety patients to get help from home or any other safe space they prefer. The most important thing is the patient’s well-being, and making healthcare accessible is the very first step.

The First Step - Your Free Discovery Call

If you would like help treating your anxiety online, simply make an appointment here on Dr. Chan’s website. She would like to hear about your situation, any previous medication attention you have received, and what uniquely helped you (or didn’t help) so that she can help determine your anxiety’s root cause. If the relationship seems like a good fit, you can schedule your first appointment.

Second - An In-Depth Analysis of Your Condition

Dr. Chan dedicates three hours of in-depth research prior to each scheduled online appointment because she wants to thoroughly comb through your health and create a treatment plan that is the most personalized and effective for your specific health needs. You will fill out an extensive questionnaire, which covers much more than what your primary care physician or psychiatrist may ask you, then she will begin to strategize a solution and path forward for you. In your first online visit, Dr. Chan will discuss any previous lab work you’ve obtained, review any tests, and seek out as much information as possible regarding your treatment, previous medications, and the root causes that are ultimately creating your health problems.

Third - Learn About Your Treatment Options and Next Steps

Dr. Chan will then communicate your options, based on her research and findings. She will discuss the pros and cons of various pharmaceutical products, discuss natural supplements that could effectively address your condition, and discuss dietary and lifestyle changes that you may want to consider.

Also in this stage, Dr. Chan will make recommendations on additional lab work that will help diagnose the root causes of your anxiety. She will walk you through:

  1. How to obtain your own samples, or refer you to a licensed local phlebotomist
  2. Sending samples to a lab (that she will recommend)
  3. What to expect after you send off your samples

Fourth - Analyzing Your Lab Work and Acting Accordingly

Dr. Chan will then study your lab work to look for deficiencies and imbalances. There can be a wealth of information gleaned from these tests, and you may see significant improvements simply by naturally addressing specific areas of your health like your hormone levels.

Dr. Chan will then continue to make dietary and supplementation recommendations, and she will monitor and analyze your responses to initial treatment. Her treatment plans are always unique to the patient, and they will be altered in real time depending on your body’s response.

An Online Doctor That Prescribes Xanax and Other Anxiety Medications

Dr. Victoria Chan and other licensed Naturopathic Doctors are licensed to prescribe Xanax, Ativan, and serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) like Prozac and Lexapro. Contrary to what some patients may think, NDs are not anti-pharmaceuticals. In fact, NDs are medically trained in pharmaceutical therapy like MDs and often prescribe medications because of their short-term efficacy (and often life-saving qualities).

That said, as long as extenuating circumstances have been ruled out, Dr. Chan abides by the naturopathic ethos of starting with treatments that cause the least amount of harm (which could be pharmaceuticals). However, Dr. Chan’s goal is to treat your root cause so that you’re not dependent on medications for the rest of your life.

Address the Root Cause of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Dr. Chan and other holistic medicine practitioners use lab work, family history, your diet, and your lifestyle to deduce the underlying cause of your anxiety. A pharmaceutical product may offer relief to your symptoms, but it may not help you improve your overall health and “cure” your anxiety, so to speak, if your anxiety’s root cause is not wholly dictated by neurotransmitter imbalances. Other influential causes of anxiety include dysfunctions of the thyroid, hormones, digestion, inflammation, detoxification pathways (like the liver), cortisol release (stress hormone), blood sugar homeostasis, nutrition status, allergies, immune system, plus much more. That’s why Dr. Chan uses pharmaceutical medications only when necessary — “chemical imbalances” are not the only reason for anxiety. You deserve a doctor who will take the time to investigate then treat your anxiety’s specific root cause.

Strategic Removal of Medications and Drugs

While it isn’t wise to quit Xanax or other anxiety medications “cold turkey,” you could benefit from overlapping your medication taper with natural strategies and remedies. This method allows anxiety and panic attack patients to prevent painful side effects and comfortably wean themselves off of pharmaceuticals after their holistic health has started to improve and their root cause is treated where they no longer need medications. The goal is complete independence from drugs, and a healthy mind and body free of crippling anxiety, depression, or panic attacks. Dr. Chan successfully guides her patients through this every day and can help you do the same.

Dr. Chan Will Help You Understand the Side Effects of Pharmaceutical Drugs

Dr. Chan practices with absolute honesty and her patients’ well being is her top priority. Therefore, she educates her patients about the side effects of anxiety medications and the reality of taking them (both pros and cons) so that they can make the best decision for their health. Sherealizes that dependence can be a struggle and therefore wants you to be the most informed so that doesn’t become your reality unknowingly.

Natural remedies for anxiety may take longer than medications, and that’s why Dr. Chan does prescribe pharmaceuticals when appropriate. However, she always helps patients change the overall trajectory of their mental health so that they can leave medications behind when at all possible.

How NDs May Treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Panic Attack Disorder

Natural Supplements May Help Your Anxiety

Natural supplements [1] have been shown in clinical studies to improve the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Supplements are far less likely than pharmaceuticals to cause side effects, and they do not cause addiction or dependence.

NDs study the benefits of different supplements at great length because they are far less invasive than other methods. Some key points regarding supplements:

  1. They are far less likely to cause side effects, and when they do cause side effects, they are relatively minor and are treatable
  2. They don’t result in dependency or addiction
  3. They may take longer to provide relief, but the relief can be more sustainable.

Some supplements for anxiety include melatonin, vitamin D, adaptogens like Ashwagandha, Omega-3 fatty acids, and many more.

Dr. Chan is medically trained to know which dose, nutrient form, timing, time length, what to avoid, what to take alongside the supplement for synergy, and interactions with other medications or supplements so that your supplement is the most effective for your anxiety.

Dr. Chan will be able to recommend various supplements based on the results of your lab tests. Furthermore, Dr. Chan helps her patients purchase professional supplements so that their supplements are guaranteed to be doctor-grade and contaminant-free.

In-Depth Analysis of Your Diet

Your lab work and initial consultations may reveal deficiencies in your daily eating habits. Some patients don’t need supplements or medications - they can start seeing improvements by carefully strategizing what they eat or the timing of certain meals. Dr. Chan researched the effects of diet on anxiety during her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine studies, and she can help you create a diet that includes all of the nutrients you need to improve your mental state.

For instance, Vitamin B deficiencies can cause mood swings and symptoms of anxiety. Dark green vegetables eaten on a regular basis could help regulate your mood. Or magnesium – it’s another common nutrient found in almonds and other foods, but a deficiency can aggravate anxiety.

Exercise May Help Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Dr. Chan often helps patients see long term mental health improvement through exercise programs. It’s more sophisticated than “going to the gym,” but achieving help through strategic exercise is attainable by nearly everyone.

She can help you pursue behavioral therapy sessions, muscle relaxation, specific exercises, and other physical means of getting relief from anxiety.

Online Anxiety Therapy With Dr. Chan

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a non-invasive way for patients to seek relief from anxiety, panic attacks, and other mental health struggles. While NDs are not psychiatrists or psychologists by terminology, much of their training overlaps and Dr. Chan has been extensively trained in anxiety therapy methods.

CBT seeks to identify situations, thoughts, and other specific problems that trigger panic attacks or physical and emotional expressions of anxiety. With the help of a therapist, many patients are able to confront negative feedback loops and change their thought patterns. Over time, this therapy can help patients enjoy social events, confront previously upsetting situations, and work through long-entrenched mental health struggles.

Do Online Anxiety Doctors Really Help Your Conditions Improve?

Yes, as long as you are honest in your consultations and follow the strategies set forth by your doctors, working with an online doctor can lead to significant improvements (aside from simply receiving prescription drugs).

As discussed above, NDs like Dr. Chan will create a strategic and personalized plan involving natural supplements, dietary changes, exercise, behavioral therapy, and more – these are fully within your power to implement. Remember that pursuing natural improvement to your health may take longer than pharmaceutical products, but the results will be worth the effort.

If you have any questions for Dr. Victoria Chan, please get in touch at your earliest convenience by reserving your complimentary Discovery Call.

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