You deserve a future uninhibited by your mental health.

Regain stability and optimize your health.

Mental Health Care Reimagined

Combining the best of modern science and natural medicine.

Discover your root causes for life-changing relief.

Personalized treatments for your unique needs.

If you're struggling with:

  • Maintaining energy, mood, focus, productivity, balance
  • Relentless mental health struggles that infiltrate many areas of your life
  • Frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed with your health
  • Taking medications to manage side effects of another medication

If you're seeking:

  • Stability without side effects
  • Lasting relief
  • Reduce, eradicate, or avoid pharmaceutical dependency
  • Avoid losing opportunities, family, relationships, and finances due to your mental health
  • Chance at your envisioned future uninhibited by mental health setbacks

I want to help because I believe your potential is endless.

You deserve a doctor who:

Discovers and treats your root causes (not only suppresses symptoms)

Considers your unique circumstances and needs

You deserve health care that’s free of judgement and stigma.

Seeking a mental health doctor who personally overcame mental health struggles?

What you'll get

In-depth analysis

  • Holistic health evaluation
  • Your goals are respected and prioritized

Personalized lab work

  • Tests tailored to discover your root cause
  • Results will be comprehensively explained

Customized treatment plan

  • Address your underlying causes
  • Collaboration that evolves with your health journey
  • Striving for sustainable benefits

What you won't get

  • Treatments that’ll only suppress symptoms
  • Quick-“fix” generic pill
  • Judged or shamed for your decisions
  • Impersonal healthcare

You are more than your symptoms

Dr. Chan is not only an excellent doctor, but she is also super caring! She will answer any question you have. She is always studying you and doesn’t give up! I find this to be a very rare quality in a doctor. I’m not sure what I would do without her. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be alive right now.” — Patient