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Dr. Victoria Chan, a licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine based in San Francisco, helps adults suffering from ADD and ADHD online via telemedicine. She helps patients uncover the root cause of their symptoms through in-depth consultations, lab tests, dietary examinations, and more, and whether a patient would benefit from lifestyle changes, natural supplements, behavioral therapy, or even prescriptions, she is committed to helping her patients improve their overall health and address their ADHD and ADD symptoms head on.

Please get in touch for a complimentary 15 minute consultation, and start improving your quality of life today. Although Dr. Chan is based in San Francisco, she can help you wherever you live through online consultations.

Why is Dr. Victoria Chan Uniquely Suited to Help With ADHD?

Dr. Chan’s consultations and recommendations always come from a place of empathy. Her own struggles with mental health led her to consult with numerous medical professionals, but it wasn’t until she worked with a Naturopathic Doctor that she started to heal in a sustainable way. After that experience, she earned her medical degree in Naturopathic Medicine, and she is now on the board of the The Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Dr. Chan is qualified to prescribe medication, but she also analyzes lab work and other signals to identify the root cause of a patient’s ADHD and ADD. She will create a holistic health plan that includes medical grade supplements, dietary changes, and more, and she will work to permanently change the trajectory of a patient’s health.

In short, she is qualified to help patients tackle ADHD with a naturopathically informed strategy, and she can also help prescribe pharmaceuticals in the short term while helping people avoid long term dependence.

Naturopathic Treatment Options For ADHD and ADD

Lab Tests Help Identify the Root Cause of ADHD or ADD Symptoms

Naturopathic Doctors often use laboratory tests to identify imbalances and rule out other medical conditions that can cause symptoms similar to ADHD, such as thyroid disorders, anemia, or lead toxicity. These tests may include:

Blood tests: A complete blood count (CBC) may be performed to rule out anemia, and thyroid function tests may be done to rule out thyroid disorders.

Urine tests: Urine tests can detect the presence of medications or other substances that may cause similar symptoms to ADHD, such as amphetamines.

Imaging studies: Brain imaging studies, such as MRI or CT scans, are not routinely used to diagnose ADHD, but they may be performed in some cases to rule out other neurological conditions.

Firstly, Dr. Chan recommends lab tests that may be useful in your specific situation, then she helps by recommending phlebotomists in the area that can help you perform the tests (or she can send instructions for obtaining a patient’s own samples). Next, she will work with a patient to send the samples off to a reputable lab for analysis.

The next step would be a careful analysis of the lab results. Primarily, Dr. Chan looks for digestive readings that could indicate inflammation – this may result in helpful treatments such as an elimination diet or relatively simple dietary changes. She will also carefully examine lab results to find nutritional deficiencies that can lead to worsening ADHD symptoms, like a lack of iron, vitamin B, magnesium or vitamin D.

Neurotransmitter imbalances, like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin deficiencies, may also present themselves in a lab test. These are serious issues that should be addressed, but they may not require potentially addictive pharmaceuticals or drugs with side effects — there are effective natural ways to modulate neurotransmitters.

Dr. Chan Will Examine Hereditary and Lifestyle Considerations

Dr. Chan’s consultations with ADHD patients in San Francisco or clients around the country always include an in-depth analysis of diet, sleep, exercise habits, and family health history. Rarely does one deficiency lead to serious mental health issues, but patients often see significant improvement after seeking guidance on improving their overall health involving their many body systems that affect the brain. For example, neurotransmitter imbalances and nutritional deficiencies can often improve through better sleep, eating habits, exercise, or addressing adjacent health problems.

Supplements and Natural Medications

As mentioned previously, Dr. Chan (and every licensed ND) always first explores the least harmful treatment method that is still effective (such as holistic healing methods before using addictive drugs). For instance, Methylphenidates like Focalin and Ritalin do provide relief from symptoms, but they often lead to dependence and side effects, and may not solve the underlying problem that’s causing ADHD and ADD symptoms. The same applies to amphetamine stimulants like Adderall. Dr. Chan can prescribe pharmaceuticals, but she seeks to help patients through non-addictive means first.

For instance, supplemental fish oil has been shown [1] to improve ADHD and ADD symptoms when taken at a certain dose over a specific period of time. Magnesium deficiency is also closely related to mental health symptoms, and studies have shown that a specific regimen of magnesium supplementation helps patients [2]. Bacopa monnieri is another herbal remedy that can calm symptoms and help improve quality of life.

Why Get Supplements Through a San Francisco ADHD Doctor?

While patients should certainly be informed about options and treatments, a Naturopathic Doctor will use expertise gained from years of medical school and thousands of patients. It isn’t necessarily advisable to self-diagnose and order supplements and botanicals online.

Firstly, that’s because a licensed doctor knows exactly what the nutrient deficiencies are – there isn’t any guess work. Secondly, a Naturopathic Doctor will know how much of a given supplement to prescribe, since over-consumption can lead to side effects (even though these side effects are much lower in intensity compared to pharmaceuticals). Thirdly, a Naturopathic Doctor is medically trained to know what form of a supplement will give therapeutic effects (such as magnesium threonate instead of magnesium citrate). Also, NDs know how supplements and botanicals interact with other medications, supplements, and health conditions you may have (to avoid any harmful interactions you may accidentally induce if you self-prescribe supplements).

Lastly, Dr. Victoria Chan helps her patients receive medical-grade supplements from reputable and trusted sources. The quality of each individual supplement matters! Simply ordering them online through non-speciality sources can often lead to low quality products or consuming counterfeit supplements leading to a lack of improvement (or worsening of health).

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) For ADHD and ADD Patients in San Francisco

Dr. Victoria Chan is trained and experienced in CBT for adults suffering from mental health conditions, including ADHD and ADD.

CBT often begins with education about ADHD (Psychoeducation), including its symptoms and how they affect the individual's life. This helps the patient understand the nature of their condition and how it can be managed.

CBT also aims to help individuals with ADHD identify negative thought patterns that may be contributing to their symptoms. These may include thoughts related to self-esteem, negative self-talk, and self-doubt. Once these patterns are identified, the patient can work to challenge and replace them with more positive and helpful thoughts.

Behavioral activation, another strategy, involves identifying activities and behaviors that are rewarding and enjoyable for the patient. This can help increase motivation, reduce procrastination, and improve mood.

CBT can also help individuals with ADHD develop time management strategies, such as breaking tasks down into smaller, more manageable steps, using visual aids to track progress, and prioritizing tasks based on importance and urgency.

CBT, when conducted by a licensed ND, can improve a patient’s symptoms without the ingestion of any pharmaceuticals whatsoever – when paired with targeted supplements and dietary changes, it can be very effective.

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