Dr. Victoria offers a free 15-minute Discovery Call

Your first step before the initial appointment

Before booking, please review these care parameters:

If any of these points are problematic for you, Dr. Victoria will not likely be able to meet your needs.

  • Dr. Victoria’s practice is focused on the prevention or treatment of mental health concerns (not primary care)
  • 100% telemedicine for your ease
  • Insurance is not accepted
  • Patients are recommended to pursue the follow-ups outlined in the 5-step transformational care process for best results
  • Prices of services
For more details:
Not a good fit if you:
  • Need immediate or emergency help
    • If needed, please call 911 or your local urgent care
  • Not ready to invest in this health transformation method
    • Addressing your underlying causes could take longer than medications
  • Only looking for symptom suppression
    • That method can ultimately be unsustainable and not true “healing”

Reserve your complimentary Discovery Call

I look forward to optimizing your mental health and helping you regain stability