As your doctor, my goal is you eventually not needing me.

How It Works

Combining modern diagnostics with integrative medicine, your customized transformational care process consists of

5 Steps:

Complimentary Discovery Call

The Goal — Determine if Dr. Victoria can help your specific goals
  • Meet Dr. Victoria and discuss your health needs
  • Ask any questions you have about her clinical approach
  • This call is required before booking your 1st appointment

Comprehensive Investigation

The Goal — Discover your underlying causes and develop a personalized treatment plan Before your visit:
  • Dr. Victoria will do 3 hours of analysis and research for your specific case based on your questionnaire.
During this visit:
  • Thoroughly analyze and puzzle together your medical concerns, symptoms, history, lifestyle, previous labs/imaging, and other contributing factors
  • Review your medications/supplements and brainstorm how to optimize them
  • Select strategic lab work to better understand your root causes
  • Organize and prioritize your treatment options
  • Detailed explanation of pros/cons of each treatment (so you can select the best treatment for your needs)
  • Collaboratively discuss and develop your customized treatment plan
  • Start your initial phase of transformational care
    • This may include: supplements, diet/lifestyle optimization, herbs, medications, or referrals to other specialists
Before your next visit, Dr. Victoria will:
  • Guide you through obtaining lab work
  • Analyze your lab results
  • Research for your specific case
  • Draft a detailed strategy for your next treatment phase (to discuss during your next visit)

Strategic Transformation

The Goal — Review labs and answer all your questions During this visit:
  • Evaluate your response to initial treatment
  • Discuss your lab results
  • Further connect the dots of your root causes
  • Learn about your next treatment phase

Optimize Momentum

The Goal — Ensure you're on the right track towards your ideal health During this visit:
  • Evaluate your progress
  • Troubleshoot changes or roadblocks
  • Tailor your treatment plan for optimal outcomes
  • We’ll discuss the number/frequency of these follow up visits depending on what's best for your individual needs

Maintain Success

The Goal — Create sustainable changes During this visit:
  • Once you've achieved optimal health, let's brainstorm strategic ways to maintain that for long-lasting benefit
Your first step

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