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Work with a San Francisco-based doctor in a telemedicine medium who deeply cares about your condition, will tirelessly work to identify root causes, and will create a treatment plan to naturally achieve optimal wellness.

Dr. Victoria Chan can help people in any state or country (although she is based in San Francisco). Learn more about her medical and health consultation processes then reserve your Discovery Call to get your mental and physical health on the right track.

About Functional Medicine Specialist Dr. Victoria Chan, ND

Dr. Victoria Chan earned her medical degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, one of the leading institutions for natural medicine practitioners. She helps patients from all walks of life reach their health goals, and whether you are struggling with depression or chronic pain, she would be happy to help you.

Dr. Chan took a personal road to functional medicine practice. Her own health struggles led her to numerous conventional doctors, but the results simply weren’t there - it wasn’t until after she consulted a licensed Naturopathic Doctor where she was able to heal. Because of that experience, she decided to dedicate her life to helping those in need through the practice of holistic functional medicine.

What is Functional Medicine, and What Should You Expect?

In a nutshell, functional medicine uses symptoms in the traditional sense – as warning signs. Rather than automatically prescribing pharmaceuticals to mask pain or change your body’s chemical makeup, functional medicine doctors will dig into the cause of a patient’s symptoms and create a natural and holistic plan to improve overall health. The abatement of symptoms is simply the end result of your body and mind’s healing process.

Functional Medicine is Based in Science

Naturopathic Doctors (one type of professional that practices Functional Medicine) undergo rigorous training in a 4-year medical program. They study the biochemistry of the human body, research systems biology (how each part of the body works together in perfect balance and harmony), and genetics. By putting all of that information together, functional doctors are able to help patients in a science-driven, holistic manner.

In fact, functional medicine has been studied extensively over the past decade by respected mainstream institutions. In 2019, the Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open published a study they had conducted over a two year period involving 1,595 functional medicine patients and 5,657 primary care patients. Thirty one percent of the functional medicine patients expressed significant improvements in their quality of life after six months of treatment, while only 22% of primary care patients expressed that level of improvement [1]. As far as symptoms were concerned, patients in the study experienced a range of issues like gastrointestinal discomfort, mental health concerns, chronic pain, and more.

Functional Medicine Specialists Act on Evidence and Data

One of the hallmarks of functional medicine is testing for imbalances in the body’s endocrine, metabolic, and other systems. Blood tests are the most common tool, and they can reveal a great deal of information about why your disease or chronic discomfort may be present. However, many patients become frustrated when conventional doctors reveal that their hormone (or other markers) levels are within the “normal” range - a functional medical doctor digs deeper. “Normal” does not necessarily equate to healthy or optimal. This may be why you still have symptoms despite your labs seeming “normal.”

Naturopathic Doctors can recommend urine, stool, and saliva tests in addition to traditional blood tests, and beyond that, we can examine the results to find micronutrient deficiencies (amino acids, minerals and more). We will examine how test markers relate to gut, adrenal, and hormonal health, and we can uncover a wealth of information about a patient’s condition.

The Goal is Long Term Wellness, Not Pharmaceutical Dependence

Once we have examined the underlying deficiencies or causes of someone’s health condition, we will enact a strategy to resolve it. Skilled functional medicine doctors have extensively studied how diet, exercise, sleep, stress (and its associated cortisol levels), and other lifestyle elements play into your health, and you will leave your consultations with actionable steps to improve your well being.

Additionally, we can recommend a variety of natural supplements and natural remedies that will improve symptoms. Where a conventional psychiatrist might err on the side of prescribing pharmaceutical pills to artificially alter your hormones or neurotransmitters, a natural medicine practitioner has various tools to choose from to prescribe a personalized plan that’s aimed at treating your specific root cause and that’s safe and effective, including holistic remedies that you won’t become dependent on.

Naturopathic Doctors are medically trained in both pharmaceuticals and natural remedies to prescribe a plan specific to your needs — whether that prescription is fully natural, optimally utilizes pharmaceuticals, or a mixture of both. We’re not against pharmaceuticals but rather opposed to blanket treatments (often pharmaceuticals), recommendations that don’t treat root causes, and high-risk prescriptions when there’s a safer effective alternative (natural remedies can effectively heal mental health symptoms).

What Ailments Can a Functional Medicine Doctor Help With?

The following are an overview of common health concerns, but the list is far from exhaustive. Please get in touch with your unique questions and issues - you can reserve a Discovery Call to speak with Dr. Chan at your earliest convenience.

Functional Medicine Can Treat Digestive Issues

As demonstrated by the medical study shown above, functional medicine can lead to significant improvements in patients with digestive issues. Ulcerative colitis, gluten intolerance, Crohn’s disease, and even intestinal yeast can be treated through natural means. Furthermore, the functional approach to digestive issues helps patients overcome issues in the long term.And if the underlying problem is healed, you may no longer need that drug you currently feel dependent on.

Autoimmune Conditions

Hormone issues stemming from hypothyroidism, celiac disease, and other autoimmune conditions can be treated through natural medicine. By taking a holistic approach to the body’s health, functional doctors can improve a patient’s lasting autoimmune health.

Functional Doctors Can Treat Mental Health Issues

Patients suffering from depression, anxiety, or chronic stress can greatly benefit from exploring natural treatment plans before taking prescription drugs. Functional doctors will examine the markers in blood tests, analyze your diet and lifestyle, and gain a complete understanding of a patient’s genetic makeup to find opportunities to naturally improve mental health.

Additional Treatable Issues, Among Many Others

Women’s health issues, like pregnancy nutrition and menopause, can be addressed through the practice of functional medicine. Fatigue, sleep disorders, and others as well - if you would like to know if your health can be improved through consultations with a functional medicine doctor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Get an Online Appointment With Your San Francisco Based Functional Medicine Doctor

Although Dr. Victoria Chan is located in San Francisco, she can help you in any state or country via online consultations. Many patients love this because they can get help without even needing to leave home. Dr. Chan often helps patients living in the city or in the surrounding areas like Daly City, Brisbane, Colma, San Mateo, and elsewhere in the world.

Dr. Chan would be happy to discuss your health concerns to provide the solutions and healing you deserve. To begin, please read about her medical and health consultation processes then set up an appointment for your Discovery Call at your earliest convenience.

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